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Well.... its officially-official. Pancho The Poet will be taking on the  2022 HOKA HEY MOTORCYCLE CHALLENGE™!! 
Go to for more info. 

Please read all of this and share it much,  share it often to everyone.

It's an ole school challenge of endurance and determination thru an estimated 10,000 miles of the most beautiful 2 lane roads in America. I'll be sleeping by my bike, no hotels, no GPS - all hand written directions. My purpose is three-fold.  First, bring glory to God and further His kingdom thru this challenge by spreading the ultimate hope - Jesus.  Second to bring honor and respect to my club colors that I've been blessed to wear and raise funds to further the ministry of SOLDIERS FOR JESUS MC.  I also want to represent my Hoka Hey sponsor Rawhide Harley with honor as well.

And finally,  to leave a legacy to my family - that no matter how old you are, all things are possible thru Christ.

Twelve days prior to my departure on this journey of the HOKA HEY MOTORCYCLE CHALLENGE™   (HHMC) - I will turn sixty (60). If you would like to sponsor me and this ministry go to and select the donate button.
Proceeds for my ride in the  HHMC™ are for our annual ministry outreach - Thunder On The Street. You can support by donating on website, sponsor my gas, my tires or anything else that will get me thru this 10 day journey. EVEN if you did a penny (one cent) for every mile I ride, 10,000 miles is only $100.00. All the money is going to serve the community that Gods called myself and my club brothers to serve ... Bikers!
All respect 

All Honor
All love
In Christ
Soldiers For Jesus MC
Kansas President

If you would like to follow Pancho on thie journeyplease click this link for his realtime location.

Where's Pancho

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